Belt conveyor tripper consists of a machine frame, pulley group, roller group, driving unit, walking wheels group and hopper, etc. It will withdraw and forth on the guide rail of the belt conveyor frame below the driven force by motor through reducer and chain. 


Although conveyors move through a series of reciprocal connections between rollers, the ability supply of those connections isn’t invariably same.  Initially, used massive diesel motors. The motor’s regulator was connected to a gear changer known as speedcuter to produce the primary shutter within the series with the low force and high torch required to increase the excess weight. However, the chains between the cogs typically deteriorated below strain. For that reason, the newer model, newer model tripper conveyors have a little motor attached to the bottom of the conveyor for every one hundred meters of the belt. Whereas this will increase fuel consumption, it reduces the time spent on repairing broken components because the conveyor is always working to a certain extent.

Belt conveyor tripper

Solution with three straps

    Belt trippers are used to determine several applications wherever over more than one conveyor discharge position is needed. More situations where belt trippers can be an advantage:

  • If you need a reversing belt with discharges at both ends
  • If along the conveyor belt need to be filling many bins in your operations 
  • if you need a long continuous pile such as filling a large storage space

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