We take immense pride in owning one of it kind of end-to-end product development lifecycle facilities with services ranging from conceptual design to final product development and commissioning at client’s site.


Our in-house design and engineering team specializes both in modern software and hardware technologies related to designing of product. We adhere to international standards trending in the industry. Our team works with the clients through the entire process of ensuring both design feasibility and seamless execution.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is designed for scale. With a total area spanning over 100,000 sq.ft. integrating fabrication, machining, assembly and painting under one roof, and coupled with an immensely skilled workforce of over 300 labours managed by 65 supervisors, there rarely is a design and manufacturing project of material handling equipments, which we cannot execute.


Along with our in-house product design and manufacturing, we also serve in erection and commissioning at the client’s site. A specialized team of engineers and crew members follows a meticulous process for testing, supervision, and shutdown, throughout the erection and commissioning process.