The water mixing drum is cylindrical drums with internal lifters and with the help of four trunnion rollers at each ends as well as thrust rollers which is revolved by motor-driven with Drive sprocket at the low speed and this entire drum is supported by four tug supports.

The sand with clay and stone particles from feed gap into the rotating drum, incessantly brought along and thrown away by liners put in with a precise angle within the washing barrel, circulated repeatedly throughout the moving process from feed side to discharge finish, and washed by straight forward or sense reversing rinse water. The continual action of lifting and dropping associated with water helps to abrade, scrub, and break down soluble contaminants. Finally, the clean sand is discharged when being sieved at the discharged finish, and therefore wastewater with sludge is discharged from the baffle with a hole at discharge end or feed end.

This rotary water mix drum ensures a perfect concentric body, eliminating improper vibration or bounce. This ensures the drum runs quieter and smoother, reducing tire and bearing maintenance and ultimately leading to a extended life. This product is employed in stone/sand crushing plants for sand washing.

All drum mixers have a container with cross-sections. The blades are attached within a movable drum. Their main objective is to raise the materials as the drum rotates. For every rotation, the raised object is lowered back into the mixer at the bottom of the drum and therefore cycle begins. The parameters may be controlled by the rotational speed of the drum and, in certain mixers, the angle of inclination of the rotation axis.

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