Types of pulleys: The pulley could be a wheel on the axle or shaft built to support the movement and shift of the direction of the taut cable or belt or between the shaft and therefore the cable or belt the power transfer.

In the case of a pulley supported by a frame or shell that does not transfer power to the outlet,however is employed to guide the cable or use force, the block is called a supporting shell, and the pulley can be called a sheave.


A fixed pulley is employed to vary direction of input power , these pulleys can be used for poles or with a hoisting device, the pulley machine  is typically attached to an object at the top of the load. Once the rope is pulled down, the result is that the load is lifted upwards, this type of pulley will not reduce the required effort to lift the load, but use gravity and weight as you please.  


In this type of pulley, the wheel is moving with one thing that removes it from the position. It allows the pulley with fewer force that the load is increased in this arrangement. In addition to the cord pull, high energy is added to the loads. Usually, the power employed by the user doubles. Therefore, using fewer power, the load can be moved thereby simplifying the work. 


 A compound pulley contains both a fixed pulley and a moving pulley. This includes the help to both a fixed and a moving pulley. In a compound pulley, for movable pulley, the weight is attached, which is connected to the rope and attached to a fixed pulley. With a compound pulley, In the needed direction of the force, we are able to send similarly because the total work for the force. 

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