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Transition idlers are found on any end of the conveyor, adjacent to the head and tail pulleys. These idler sets contain standard idler rolls however the bases into which these rolls are inserted, have a small troughing angle on all other troughing idlers on the conveyor. Transition idlers are easy to install, handle high capacity, used for heavy load capacity and resistant to corrosion.

The reason for this is that the conveyor belt is flat as it passes over the pulleys, under high tension. As the belt changes its’ form to a full trough of say 35 degrees (i.e. from tail pulley to full trough angle), the belt should be supported by this transition point. If the belt were inserted directly into a full trough from the tail pulley, the belt edges would be over-stressed and damage would result. The number of transition idlers depends on the trough angle of the conveyor.