Slide gates are available in numerous patterns and designs as per a customer’s needs. The high level of high-quality CNC eliminates high and low rollers. 

Slide gates are used to control and separate the inefficiency of most goods from hoppers, bins, silos, or conveyors. Slide Gates contain a solid frame placed underneath a storage machine or conveyor. The slide plate will be automatically translated manually, powerfully, electronically, or hydraulically. Numerous safety tools are accessible to ensure that our gates meet the very best safety standards.

Slide Gates has numerous applications in bulk raw materials handling ranging from grain processing to mining. They typically encompass a flat metal gate that slides on metal rollers and primarily based upon position, permits or prevents the flow of materials. They will be used to regulate or combine more than one bulk raw material.

We designed the foremost effective and engaging Manual, slide gates. These gates are beautifully designed as we are one of the leading sliding gates manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Hyderabad, India, and supply a various range of sliding gates that are made using the admirable quality raw materials and latest technology. We have a tendency to meet the needs of our customers and fulfill all their desires. We never compromise on the quality we offer as our main goal is to satisfy our customers with the products we offer.