Avishkar industries Shuttle Conveyors appropriate for numerous applications and industries. As with other conveyors, idlers, pulleys, and all fabrication work guarantee a high-quality product at the foremost efficient price.

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A Shuttle conveyor like a belt conveyor with the same features as idler sets, drive pulley, take-up cum tail pulley, belt; drive containing a gearbox, couplings, and an electric motor, skirt board, scrapers, and technological arrangement. It may be unidirectional or reverse.

A shuttle conveyor is organized to move a carrier forward or backward as restricted to a work area or different purpose. They can be designed to control at higher speeds and therefore scale back the overall cycle time for the process as transportation time may be considerably reduced. These may be powered in a very form of ways from Friction Drive, rack and gear, pneumatic or chain drive. The conveyor can move along a track and transfer material in each direction. It may be widely utilized in agriculture, power plants, raw material stocking, metallurgy industry, etc.


Top-quality steel pulley shafts and bearings

Shuttle conveyors are utilized in metallurgical environments

The machine body is formed out of mild steel

High-quality motors and gear reducers – we use quality motors from major manufacturers

The machine has a durable and sturdy construction

Conveyors feature a rail guide for translation movements

Conveyors are driven by electric motors

Industrial grade idlers – where precision components are needed these are manufactured in house

Welded structural steel frame – stainless steel feasible for top hygiene environments