Self Aligning Carrying Idler offers a compromised quality that is used which acts in an exceedingly method that corrects the belt tracking and maintains it perpetually within the central position.

The Self-Aligning Carrying Idlers are made as a sequence of rollers organized in an exceedingly troughed position onto the supporting one which itself is fixed to a slewing ring that permits its rotation. 

Conveyor belts are typically the foremost expensive part of a  transmission system. 

Burning to the bottom, the idler’s controllers of the idler’s blocker block the belt from continuing to the highest of the conveyor. To reduce the wear of the belt, rolling grade sideways is created with high-grade urethane that reduces the friction between the idler and belt. Through belt training idlers, also popularly referred to as Self Aligning Carrying Idler, automatically train the belt and protect the belt edges from damage caused by misalignment.  

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  • Belt adjustable
  • The component used: Three Main Roller & 2 Guide Roller
  • Misaligned belts contact ., side roller or a shoe pad
  • Adjust automatically
  • After contact, idler pivots, and centers belt
  • Life long belt age