We are the most trusted Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Pipe Facing Machine all over the world. Our provider of Pipe Facing Machine is capable enough to accurately bevel for welding. These Pipe Facing Machines can also be used for transition cuts once used with correct attachments.

Pipe facing machines are built to perform machining on each end of a pipe, an offer of a product that may have finely machined surfaces, Typically even as well as angled machining, both externally and internally.  Our facing machines are refined over the years to be integrated with the final automatic production, forming a hot-dip galvanizing line additionally to be deployed as self-standing solutions. With the precise wants of a general pipeline in mind, we have developed facing machines with totally different technical features: single or multiple head machines, fastened or fluctuating head machines, all aimed at targeting the precise wants of our customers.

This pipe facing machine may be reasonably matching equipment for the automatic fastening machine, and it principally is mainly composed of expansion devices, principle axis parts, tools, idle pulley system, hydraulic system, an electronic system.


  • Improved weld quality.
  • The clamp sections are interchangeable, and each clamp section can handle pipes in two completely different sizes.
  •  It can be equipped with the clamp section strictly according to the requirements of users.
  • Reduced weld volume.
  • Highest production rate. 
  • The brush adapters can clean both the inside and the outside of pipes once the machine is running
  • Easily transportable – can be fixed on the bottom.
  • Perfect weld finish preparations

Shearing Machine

  • Shearing Machine

Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

  • Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw