The loading zone of a conveyor may be a tough area from the maintenance & spillage purpose of view. The kind and size of the material, additionally because of the height of the drop, are the essential factors causing harm not only to the belt also to the rubber rings and bearings of the conventional impact idler rolls.

All of those cause seizures and breakdown of impact rolls, which means serious downtime issues. We are the best Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters of impact pads in Telangana, India.

Impact Pads are organized to absorb impact on Conveyor Belts loading areas, wherever high power and low impact collisions are required. Due to the easy installation, these Impact Pads change the standard idler sets. The highest cover is shaped by an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), which gives these Impact Pads a very low friction top surface. The central part of a high-strength energy-absorbing rubber, which acts as a shock absorber in the load-bearing areas of the conveyor installation.


  • Two layers of fusion are tied and sandwiched together.
  • In addition, it is developed by mechanical fasteners. 
  • The top layer is made of a special Polymer (with self-lubricating and low friction property).
  • Using a special rubber bottom layer is manufactured (with shock-absorbing property). 


Impact pads are supplied with modular design frames dwell of Central Main Frame and Wing Supports with adjustable brackets to suit all types of belt conveyor troughing angles.

The Modular backing structure has been designed for easy installation to withstand heavy impact and adjustment to suit any touching angle of the conveyor.


  • From tearing and punctures, the belt gives full support.
  • zero maintenance, No need for Moving parts and lubrication.
  • Bounce is slower from reducing loads to less.
  • Idler’s dismissal of Belt Sagging results in superior spillage regulation.
  • Eradicates Belt roaming off-track due to jammed impact idlers.
  • Energy utilization is saved.
  • Long life of pads. Fit and Forget Type.
  • The belt is more useful and gives support to the impact zone.

These Impact pads are used in Stone / Sand crushing plants.