Drag chain conveyors designed to handle the pallet and different large loads properly and efficiently. This product contains strings of energy chains designed to support the fabric directly. They will be integrated with our collections controllers to help collect products when required.

A tubular drag chain conveyor could be a heavy-duty conveyor because it is made to run 24/7/365. The tubes and discs are made from stainless steel with UHMWPE discs. Many inlets and outlet areas unit attainable during this machine. An automatic chain tensioner is often enclosed. Different basic components include 90˚ housing, chain vibrator, pneumatic inlet baffle, static grounding, sight glass, and controls.

The Drag Chain Conveyor is accustomed to treating powdery, coarse, fine-grained, abrasive, and sticky bulk materials. Drag Chain Conveyor is ready to transfer content to a temperature of up to fifty degrees. In certain applications, Drag Chain Conveyor may also be used for restoring of bulk material from Silos / Hoppers

Drag chain conveyor

we tend to area unit manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of drag Chain Conveyors in Hyderabad, India. Drag Chain Conveyors consist of a series of metal or plastic flights adhere at uniform intervals to at least one or two strands of the endless chain. The chain moves the flights on during a trough thereby pushing or sliding the material along. Carry run is on the bottom side. Several inlets and output areas can be provided with Drag Chain Conveyors, allowing for greater efficiency. The central exhaust openings can be fitted with remote-controlled closed valves to pick out the receiving silo. In the case of handling larger materials, a drag conveyor should operate at a lower speed. Proper chain speed and chain width are important for the service life of the drag chain conveyor.