A conveyor pulley may be a mechanical device and it is used to amendment the direction of the belt and belt set in a vary conveyor system, or to drive the belt or to place tension. A pulley is way a lot of heavy-duty than a roller and used at either end of a conveyor or near the drive/motor.

conveyor pulleys

   The conveyor continuously have a minimum of two plates, a head pulley and a tail pulley, with additional lines being used depending on the configuration. Standard-size pulleys are usually sufficient for simple systems, but mine-task and mine engine pulleys are available when heavy pulleys are needed.

Conveyor pulleys are of different types:

Head pulleys

The head pulley is found within the filler area of ​​the conveyor. It sometimes pulsed and also has a larger diameter than other pulleys. For better pulling, the head pulley is always mounted (with rubber or cream material).

head pulley
Tail pulleys

Tail pulley is found at the end of the belt. It comes out with a refined face or smudged profile (paper wing), that cleans the belt by lease the material fall between the support members.

tail pulley
Snub pulleys

Snub Pulley is to prevent sliding of the belt which means it is too expensive. Placed at the side of the drive ruble on the rare of the belt,  Snub Pulley’s main functions are to enhance the angle of wrap around the drive pulley, thus increasing the rotation.

snub pulley

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