Advantages and disadvantages of the pulley system: A pulley is used to lift heavy objects, easy to move something, and reduces the force.

Advantages of pulleys

  • The pulley when applied to an engine, can also be called a belt. It can be easily transported and in contact with other metals other than grease or oil.
  •  It provides a mechanical advantage while lifting heavy loads. The profitability of the equipment is known as the load ratio in the effort.
  •  A moving pulley is a load pulley. Increases Distance Range muted. Long-distance moving ropes serve as support.
  •  It is easier and less expensive to make than simple gear
  • No lubrication required.
  • It helps in any direction Pulley systems for applying a force and rely on the relationship between load and effort.

Disadvantages of pulleys

  • It makes use of friction while transferring motion hence there are chances of slip.
  • If the rope usually slipped when it was being pulled to the sides. This causes the rope to fall off the track on the wheel which may lead to injuries It is not a suitable solution to transfer at high rpm for very high-power
  • A comparison with gears is not reliable.
  •  A combined pulley system uses multiple wheels and extra ropes to support the weight of a heavy object.